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·    Lecturer, teacher and facilitator of innovative programs and ceramics tuition for undergraduate students, adult education, adults and children with sensory and physical disability, and projects with schools at all stages.

·     Management of ceramic product design, development and marketing. Successful and extensive international career in pottery/ceramics production for 35 years. 

·    Enthusiastic, empathetic and patient approach to teaching/facilitation. Experience with disabled, vulnerable and disadvantaged young people. 

·    A clear and enthusiastic communicator with good verbal and written skills



Pottery teacher

Brunel university London

October 2011 - ongoing


·       Part time teacher of pottery, ceramic design and clay-work of all kinds to students and staff of Brunel University, Uxbridge.

·    Teacher of advanced pottery to FE classes held at the Arts Centre, Brunel.

·     Facilitator of occasional interventions with the community including schools in the neighbourhood and others in special need. 

·    Devising, preparing and delivering courses on pottery  - hand-building, wet and dry clay slab work, throwing and wheel work to all abilities, finishing, glazing and assessing.

Self employed

Facilitator of sensory workshops

December 2008 - ongoing


·    Lecturer/facilitator of workshops and short programmes on experiential sensory awareness and perception of nature and wild environments. Delivered in Cornwall, Berkshire and Hertfordshire.

Creative Junction

 Creative Partner                      

 January – July 2012

·      Project at Long Meadow School Milton Keynes, to develop the use of clay and ceramics as a tool across all areas of the curriculum. To plan and advise in the use of all aspects of pottery making, the purchase of a kiln and equipment for the school. To embed awareness through creativity to Key Stage 1 children. Combination of sensory mapping, local landscape work, drawing, colour and movement. An exhibition of the children’s work shown at MK Gallery.

 Surestart centres, Reading

 Creative Junction practitioner                      

 June – December 2011

·      Projects with Early learners, mother’s crèche class, Open Sesame disability, Saturday morning club, etc, at 5 Surestart centres in and around Reading .

·      Project to introduce communities to creative education at Libraries in Reading . Painting, clay etc.

 Outdoor Culture

 Creative Partner                       

 January 2010

·      Project at Great Missenden CP School (Year 2) to develop outdoor awareness through creativity. Combination of sensory mapping, local landscape work, drawing, colour and movement. Exhibition of children’s work alongside own Wild Intelligence paintings and ceramics at One Church Street Gallery, Great Missenden.

Creative Partnerships

Creative Partner                      

November 2008 - ongoing

·      Change school project with St Johns Special School , Bedford . Teaching pupils with complex needs over age groups from 9 – 16 years old. Projects in clay and painting, movement, gesture, etc.

·      Change School project development at Avenue School , Reading. 2009. School for severely disabled children including PMLD, SLD and Autism.

·      Enquiry school project at Furze Down School, Winslow for children with Special Educational Needs
Events and activities to develop to ‘Change School’ and ‘Enquiry School’ status, using clay, drawing, pit-firing, ovens, wood installation, movement and sensory experiences. Lectures and demonstrations.

·      INSET teaching to staff to develop creative approaches within the curriculum  

Protocol National

Lecturer in Art & Ceramics                      

October 2008 - ongoing

Lecturer at Link Place Personal Development Centre, Redbridge for Adults with physical and sensory disability

·         Responsible for devising an adaptable timetable of tuition for specific individual needs in beginner and advanced classes.

·         Delivery of individual & group tuition for particular areas of need. Raising self-esteem, purpose and direction.

·         Liaising with staff on individual circumstances and achievable personal goals.

·         Teaching painting, pottery, drawing, sensing, imaginative interpretation.  

University College Falmouth

External lecturer        

September 2003 - 2010

External lecturer BA (Hons) Contemporary Crafts at University College Falmouth.

·      Responsible for third year group and personal tutorials – specializing ceramics and land art.

·      Responsible for rolling out projects for second year. Lectures, group discussion and tutorials.

·      Facilitation of drawing workshops on spatial and environmental awareness.

·      Lectures on contemporary craft practice, marketing and development of business practice post education.

Creative Partnerships

Sennen School project        

April 2004 – June 2004

Creative Partner with Sennen Primary School , Cornwall .

·      Project to redesign playground with children's ideas and incorporate creative activities into curriculum.

Transition Town Totnes

Committee member        

September 2007 - 2009

Committee member (unpaid) of ‘Sustainable Makers’ project within the Transition Town Totnes initiative, developing innovative ways of engaging craftspeople in aesthetics arising from the inevitable changes following post peak oil production.

·       Responsible for joint management of the initiative with the founder; writing mission statement setting out objectives; planning and negotiation of workable routes to establishing workshops for craftsmen, exhibitions and promotional material supporting a new ethic in craftsmanship and responsible working practice.

·       Devising and delivery of workshop on ‘Clay Winning’ as part of the initiative to work with local materials and heighten awareness of carbon foot-printing.

Chantry School of Art

Teacher – summer school

September 1977 -1980

Partner at Chantry School of Art in Devon . A small residential community of artists and craftsmen offering courses in craft and fine art disciplines.

·       Planning and production of programme for implementing changes from former finishing school.

·       Design and implementation of new arts holiday courses.

·       Instigation of seminars held on complementary health subjects, philosophy and the arts.


Self Employed

Multi-discipline artist

September 1973 - ongoing

·      Self Employed artist with successful commercial career in individual ceramics, also land art and painting.
Design and manufacture of tableware products for European market

 Skills base of business

·      Manufacture of hand made pottery, using thrown, moulded and hand built. Carving, engraving and incising techniques, use of found materials, etc; development and use of appropriate glaze technologies, applications and finishing methods; development of innovative technologies in making, forming, glazing, firing and finishing; All skills to produce sectional ceramic sculpture, individual vessels, ornamental and individual ceramic objects to exceptional finishes.

·      Painting: oil painting, acrylic, watercolour, pastel and charcoal drawing.


For more details of the artists career please go to www.middlemissart.com


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